April 30, 2017

Weekend project: modified the "draw with 150 letters" code to explore an idea of a machine actually painting with brushes. The results are quite curious, to say the least! Drawing Dipper from my favorite Gravity Falls :)

This one took much longer to compute and I used b/w since it is 3 times less data to process. Theoretically, I can live it for longer and get an exact replica of the target image, but that was never the goal. The goal was to create an 'expressive' brush effect, that is why I kept the brush count minimal(+the brush size quite big), thus creating a challenge of representing an image with a l...

April 23, 2017

My small Sunday project: computer learning how to draw an image with nothing but 150 letters :) at first, I thought of giving it a task of just drawing with lines or circles to simply test the code, but then I decided to challenge it a bit and it gave some curious results.

For example, the middle finger was almost always the one the algorithm would do well as it quickly 'learned' that best-suited letters to represent it are 'I'. Sometimes it would do something very creative, in my opinion, like in generation 262 example the 'V' letter between little finder and index is a very interesting solution! In the e...

April 1, 2017

I just received my paper version of 3D Artist Magazine Issue #105! It is the third time my artwork appears on the pages of this fantastic magazine, and my very first published article. 
I want to thank everyone who directly or indirectly contributed to making this a reality. What happens is not an effort of only one person (even if it is the biggest and main contribution), but an interlacement of many people's inputs. And this fascinating accumulation of energy leads to new exciting opportunities. I'm overfilled with gratitude and I wish you a beautiful day.

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