A modular building tool made for World Building project for a quick prototyping and generating background and midground buildings. The tool assembles a building out of existing modules, which are later exported to Unreal 4 (with Jan Pijpers Houdini to Unreal script), thus allowing to populate the area with thousands of actors in about 5-10 minutes. The main subnet was written in a couple of days, and the adjusting of pipeline and creating new modules and writing relationship for them inside the script took the rest of the block ~3 weeks (along with other projects). Since all the modules are UV'ed, and the tool creates the light maps, the procedural texturing is possible, if to provide a texturing atlas for the modules. The tool can be re-populated with any other set of modules.



The World Building project was made in a team of 8 second year 3D Visual Arts students in IGAD. The project's duration was 3 blocks (~21 weeks) along with other courses. The main inspiration came from Total Recall (2012) movie's Colony district, where multiple cultures were forced to live closely together in a very small space, resulting in overcrowded stacking architecture with multicultural elements.

Credits: Anastasia Opara, Max Berends, Jeroen van Dongen, Anna Richter, Loek Gijsbertse, Corne Willemsen, Baiba Gedrovica, Tim Paauwe. Based on a level design by Tim Baijens.