PICA PICA is SEED's real-time raytracing experiment featuring self-learning agents in a procedurally-assembled world. Built using SEED's R&D engine Halcyon, this AI playground showcases real-time raytracing using DirectX Raytracing, Microsoft's newly announced API which enables developers to bring raytracing to life. (c) SEED's blog

The project posed a unique challenge as the levels were not created for humans, but for self-learning AI agents. Therefore, the level system had be flexible to meet the agents’ needs and ensure navigability, gameplay elements as well as adhere to the art direction. We used Houdini from the very early stages to the final release: from co-creating art-direction to exporting final levels into our in-house R&D engine Halcyon.


From the below GDC and CEDEC talks, you can learn how in a team of only 3 artists (Paul Greveson, Ken Brown and myself) we created a functional symbiosis of art direction and procedural system in under 2 months as well as what challenges and solutions we had during our ‘procedural journey’ :) 

For more information about rendering and self-learning agents, please visit SEED's blog