Teaching a computer to draw #2

Weekend project: modified the "draw with 150 letters" code to explore an idea of a machine actually painting with brushes. The results are quite curious, to say the least! Drawing Dipper from my favorite Gravity Falls :)

This one took much longer to compute and I used b/w since it is 3 times less data to process. Theoretically, I can live it for longer and get an exact replica of the target image, but that was never the goal. The goal was to create an 'expressive' brush effect, that is why I kept the brush count minimal(+the brush size quite big), thus creating a challenge of representing an image with a limited number of strokes.

Another curious thing is that I used multiple passes on top of the previously generated images (just as you do when you draw, as you redraw on top), but that can be enforced even further - making the algorithm draw very generic and abstract at first, and then decreasing the brush size as you continue the simulation. Or, for example, it can first find the b\w values and only then actually color it, rather than messily try to figure out everything at once.

Anyway, a very interesting experiment :) The initial idea was to use it as a texture stylization for my personal project. Sadly, takes quite a bit to compute on my laptop, which heroically survived 2000+ generations = ~10+ hours of calculations. Plus all the bugs I had to fix :D

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